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Why You MUST Use the Facebook Pixel

Hey guys, here's three awesome reasons that you must use your Facebook pixel when advertising with Facebook. Now, what is the Facebook pixel? It's a little bit of code that you put into your website, you put in the header section. All you have to do is copy and paste it, it's super common, and every single website builder, landing page builder allows you to do it. It's very, very effective at super charging your Facebook ads.

So you've installed the pixel, now what? Well one of the first things that you can use it to do is create a custom conversion which will show people when they've landed on a thank you page and taken an action, and that allows you to create a conversion campaign, which is by far the most powerful campaign type when you're looking to have someone take a specific action within your campaigns. So whether or not that's join a challenge, opt in to your lead magnet, or join your webinar, or in fact buy your product.

It also allows you to build custom audiences for retargeting. What is retargeting? In its simplest form retargeting is when someone lands on a webpage and you then send them a specific ad that says, "Hey, great that you've seen this webpage, would you like this?" It acknowledges the fact that they've seen that page and it's specifically targeted because you know if they're looking at a page about something specific they're going to be interested in that topic.

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