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The Best Sales People

The BEST Sales People

WARNING: You’re likely being exploited by these sales people

Ever wondered who make the best sales people?

You MUST be wary of these sales people…

So incredibly talented they will take your money without you even realising…

So relentless in their objectives you cannot help but give in…
So opportunistic they know exactly what motivates you… And exploit it!
So persuasive you struggle to say no...

If you’ve met these ‘sales’ people you REALLY know about it!

And so does your bank account!

Here’s the thing:

You will still gladly hand over ALL your money. WHY? Because they’re your children. Children make the best sales people!

Honestly, if you want a lesson in sales...

Take a child to an ice cream parlour and try NOT to buy them an ice cream.

What is it that makes them so talented?

#1 Children are NEVER afraid to ask

As adults most of us we have this weird stumbling block about asking for business.

What if they say no?!

Kids don’t...

They ask at every opportunity… Mum can I have this toy, Dad can I have this chocolate cake…

Ok they don’t get it every time. But they will see success maybe one in 10 times. The lesson - figure out how many times you get a no before getting a yes…

If you know for every 3 no’s you’ll get one YES, then you don’t you the fear of rejection becomes irrelevant because you NEED to get a no to get a yes.

#2 Children never accept your first no

Ever tried to say no to a child, it’s impossible, they cheekily and relentlessly grind you down until you can’t help but say yes…

You’ve probably experience a similar conversation to this...

“Can I have an ice cream mum?”
“No, Jonny”
“Awww mum, but why?
“Because I said so”
“Ah but please… You said I could last week and we didn’t”
“Dinner’s in an hour you won’t eat it”
“I will... I promise…. MUM?... Dad lets me”
“He does?... Go on then but you MUST promise to eat your dinner”

As adults, someone says no and we instantly take it as their final answer.

Not realising the first no isn’t always the final answer.

Very few people say yes the first time of asking.

Now I’m not talking hard sell, children rarely hard sell (unless their parents have trained them it works).

Which leads onto…

#3 Children know your motivations and exploit them mercilessly

Different children ‘sell ‘ differently depending on the parents.

I.e they learn exactly what works,what buttons to press, to get the most out of their parents.

It’s exploitation poetry in motion.

We as adults tend to talk about the features and benefits of the product.

Instead children talk about what it means to the parent.

They know the parents want them to be happy. And they work that angle.

But that’s not all…

Children will naturally find weak spots, like -

Playing the parents off against each other
Why you feel guilty (and how to exploit it)
When to tantrum for maximum impact
When not to push their luck
How to tell if your receptive at that moment

Let get one thing clear… I’m not suggesting you exploit people!

But -

By understanding your customers motivations you can ‘sell’ to them in a way they understand.

They are MUCH more likely to make a positive decision.

This comes down to research and knowledge.

For example - Did you know the BEST day to sell is Friday afternoon?

Because people are winding down, happy and excited for the weekend.

#4 Always be Up-selling

Children don’t just accept the first thing.

Ever felt (or heard someone say their) children are never satisfied - always wanting more?

They are experts at up-selling…

Ok so you bought the ice cream, can I have the toy?
Ok so you bought the toy, can I have the new drum kit?

It’s relentless.

They’re always pushing to the limits, getting more and more.

Until you say no!

But as adults we often forget that a customer might need other products too.

Even if they really do need that extra upgrade or better program we’re reluctant to push it.


Because we’re scared, maybe it’s that you fear they’ll decide they don’t want anything or you’re worried about bothering them.

I’ve seen business owners watch existing customers suffer with a problem they could solve, just because they’re scared of asking the question.

Crazy huh?

But not uncommon - is there someone you’re working with who you could help more?

Children are naturally expert sales people. Wouldn’t it be great to be as fearless as a child when it comes to selling?

Here’s the thing…

You were a child!

You were once a sales expert fearlessly exploiting your parents every weakness (lolz)

Somewhere along the road of life you learnt that sales was bad or something to be scared of.

When people work with me the first thing we do is identify those beliefs and work towards releasing your inner salesperson.

It’s easier than you think too…

After all it’s part of you already

Your fearless sales ‘demon’
already lives inside of you

Isn’t it time you did something to bring it out again?


About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis