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Who's Your Customer?

Who’s Your Customer?

I was working with a client earlier this week, a super creative lady she had created a really impressive 'thing' and was now struggling to 'find 'people who wanted to buy it.

Jenny had poured months of her life, and savings, into her 'thing' it was an impressive creation but she just couldn’t get anyone to buy it... She had a problem..with her sales, with money dwindling She got in touch with me!

Jenny had made a very common mistake, she had created her product offering without knowing who she was making it for...

this can be likened to diving headfirst into your Christmas shopping without checking what your nearest and dearest actually want... you are unlikely to get it spot on! 

But what happens if its too late? You already have a ‘thing' and are trying to find someone to buy it?



and instead invest your hard earned money into getting help. 

Alternatively sit yourself down and figure out who you are targeting, then get out and talk to these people.

talk to them... DON'T sell at them.

Use this as an opportunity to understand your customers what they want, their priorities needs and budgets and how your product fits, even how unique and important your USP's are. 

Your product is likely to need adopting, your USP's fine tuning...you can do this using the information your potential customers provide. 

Any contact with potential customers is an opportunity to do research; make the most of it

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