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The 10 Quick and ‘Dirty’ Ways to Ethically Get People Onto Your Email List

Let's be frank, there’s something out there that we ALL need in business…

You can either pay for it or get it for free (if you’re willing to put in the effort).

It’s attention and it’s getting harder and harder to get.

Let me tell you a story…

There once an entrepreneur called Mr. Hopeful who saw this film about a guy who build a baseball field in his garden…

Crazy but in the film he built it because he knew deep down “if you build it, they will come”

Motivated by the film he spent weeks creating the ‘perfect’ offer…

Finally the day came… He launched.


So he decided to be more positive… Daily affirmations “if I build it, they will come”.

More weeks went by... They never came!

So Mr Hopeful had a very long chat with the bank manager. Sad to say he did NOT live happily ever after.

Hollywood lied…

The End!

Let’s get one thing straight…

If you build it, they WILL NOT come

Disappointing I know…

You have to be an active participant in your own destiny…

Promote your offer!

Actually working hard to promote your offer can be more challenging than creating it.

There’s two main ways to generate traffic so you can build your list.

You can either use ‘free & filthy’ or ‘pay to play’.

Here’s 10 ways of growing your list using these traffic generating methods.

Pay To Play… Involves paying a company to advertise on their site or platform. Here’s my top 5.

  1. 1
    Facebook Conversion Ads - In my opinion the BEST way to get traffic to your OFFER, running a conversion ad will not only optimise the offer for those likely to convert, but you’ll also get a feel for how well people are responding to your offer.
  2. 2
    Facebook Lead Generation Ads - Creates a little box on Facebook that auto populates with the details you want. Often cheaper than conversion ads, but doesn’t build the relationship because it’s all so quick via Facebook (so long term less effective).
  3. 3
    Google Ad Words - Running adverts on keywords people are searching for will send warm (good quality) traffic to your lead magnet. Longer keywords are often cheaper 😉
  4. 4
    Google Display Network - Using banner ads on websites that ‘partner’ with google. Can be VERY effective as retargeting for a good lead magnet.
  5. 5
    LinkedIn Advertising - I’ll be honest, I haven't done much with it, yet it’s worth a top 5 as I’ve heard of people getting decent results. One to figure out for yourself.

Filthy and FREE, less systematized than pay to play, but if you’re strapped for cash (or even if you’re not) you should be trying these simple and free ideas.

  1. 1
    Here’s a crazy idea… Write a post about it on social media… You could cross post it on multiple platforms. Even writing multiple posts from different angles using the same lead magnet… The easiest one to get you started is a simple post “Who would like [X lead magnet]?”
  2. 2
    Joint Ventures - You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (works better when you have some of list to offer as a swap). Find a partner with a complementary offering, who has a list that you could offer your lead magnet to. They get value and you get subscribers. I.E. If you do nutrition for weight loss find someone who does exercise for weight loss.
  3. 3
    Add the lead magnet offer to every social bio and profile… This one's pretty simple, put it in the bio of your Facebook Page, Facebook profile, Insta Page, LinkedIn etc This works well when you have a large social following.
  4. 4
    Add it to your website on the home page. Here’s a radical idea make it super easy for people to opt in by putting it on the homepage of your website. So anyone searching for you will see it and potentially Opt In.
  5. 5
    Add it to the blog section on your website, so when people are reading your posts they are naturally drawn towards your articles. Two things here work 1) well a blog post that specifically related to your lead magnet & 2) an ‘exit pop’… a pop-up that appears when someone goes to leave your blog site.

The important thing to remember is don’t overcomplicate it.

If you’re a total technophobe then some of the above methods might seem tricky (especially the pay to play which can be more complicated)

It would be a whole new product to teach you exactly how to execute all of the methods above.

My advice… Chose one or two methods you feel MOST comfortable with and do those first

It’s super easy to…

Write a social media post and update your bio’s… Right?

There’s good news though…

You’ll discover the fool-proof step by step method to building a list for the complete technophobe.

A complete walk through of the tech set-up for growing your email list.

So you can easily start building a list without any confusion.

What traffic methods above have you tried and what results did you get?

About the Author Martin Jolley-Jarvis

Facebook Ads and general all round marketing super geek. Loves facts, figures and metrics... If it's important then track it in a spreadsheet. Also drinks tea by the gallon, especially green tea... It's amazing he isn't the colour of the incredible hulk...