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P.T. Barnum’s Persuasion Secrets – Turn Even Your Greatest Critic into a Buyer

Even in the 1870’s one man is remembered for his influence on show business…

The real secret is how Barnum expertly utilises sales techniques well ahead of his time to become a millionaire.

These exact techniques are now proven and taught by business guru’s across the globe.

Follow these ‘secrets’ and you will effortlessly be able to promote your business because people will be attracted to you.

Barnum’s Secret #1 - Be Unique

Barnum could have made another circus, instead, he filled it with ‘exotic’ people, that made it crazy unique.

What do you do that’s eye-catching unique or different?

Simple question but so many business owners don’t know…

Whether you’re a fledgeling business or simply struggling to make sales work, the first thing you want to do is focus on what makes you special.

If you’re struggling to think of something then unfortunately so are your customers.

With help finding your uniqueness doesn’t have to be difficult, there’s always something hidden that your customers love.

Barnum’s Secret #2 - Attention Is Everything

Barnum was a true master at grabbing people's attention…

Getting their interest!

When he opened his museum on Broadway he installed a lighthouse lamp which attracted attention up and down Broadway

...Flags along the roof's edge that attracted attention in the daytime

...And giant paintings of animals between the upper windows drew attention from pedestrians.

The whole building was a walking advertisement grabbing people's attention…

How is your business grabbing attention (if at all)?

With social media, there’s so much noise… It takes a really powerful message to break through that noise.

With help you a craft that message to grab attention and keep attention.

Barnum’s Secret #3 - Focus on Sales

Barnum understood that a business doesn’t exist without sales.

He was crazy focussed on getting people through the door, at one point had 400,000 people per month come to his museum.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without sales a business can’t exist, it’s just an idea, no matter how long it’s been trading.

If you’re struggling for sales, often a shift in mentality and focus will help you build a better, more profitable and fun business.

Barnum’s Secret #4 - Give People what they Want

Sounds crazy huh? Barnum was the master of giving people what they wanted, entertainment.

Every business provides something, but all businesses solve a customer need, whether it’s something to be desired or something that solves a pain.

By giving people exactly what they want you will find it effortless to sell to them.

Even in industries that people REALLY don’t want, it’s easy to provide what they desire.

For example, no-one wants to pay tax, but if you’re an accountant who can provide tax savings of approximately 5 times the cost then who wouldn’t buy it?!

How this applies to your business…

So many fledgeling businesses struggle, turning what can be an incredible experience into a terrible one in a heartbeat.

Which of the Barnum secrets would have the greatest impact if you applied it to your business today?

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Facebook Ads and general all round marketing super geek. Loves facts, figures and metrics... If it's important then track it in a spreadsheet. Also drinks tea by the gallon, especially green tea... It's amazing he isn't the colour of the incredible hulk...