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9 Fool-Proof Steps to Building Your List for the Self Confessed ‘Technophobe’

If you want to build a list, but are unsure about all the processes, then read on and discover how to get started with all the glorious technical.

If you’re a bit more 'savvy' there’s some advance ‘tips’ at the end that will turn certainly turn your head.

Let's jump in because this is going to be a beast of an email!

First things you’ll need.

Landing Page Builder

There are plenty out there… Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Thrive Themes, Instapages.

I’ve used a lot of them and my preference is either Clickfunnels or Thrive Themes for WordPress.

Email Automation Software

Again there are plenty of options… Active Campaign, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Drip, Get Response.

We use Active Campaign because it’s a super powerful system that’s simple to use.

Advertising Account

If you want to advertise on Facebook you’ll need a Facebook Account, ideally with Business Manager if you’re going to run adverts to it.

Finally, you need a Lead Magnet

A lot of people get hung up on the lead magnet.

Often taking weeks to create something. The BEST way to create a lead magnet is to think about your customers BIGGEST pain…

What actionable (i.e. something they could implement straight away) thing could you give them to improve this problem?

Once you have your idea you can test it by asking how many people would be interested in getting ABC lead magnet on social media.

If loads of people reply then you know you’ve got a winner.

You can build this in any good quality publishing tool or pay someone from a freelancing site (Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs).

Are you with me so far?

Now the fun starts...


Create your landing page, each system is different, but on your page you want the following.

  • An Eye-Catching Headline - That Demands Attention

If you’re struggling for ideas use this template.
“Discover how you can achieve ABC without doing XYZ”

  • A Subheadline that Explains What Your Lead Magnet Does for Them

An idea would be to use an “If/Then” statement

“If you want to improve <customer problem> then download <lead magnet name> and learn exactly how to <insert benefit>"

  • A Graphic Representation of What they’ll Get

It’s very important for your new subscriber to be able to visualise what they’ll get. If you don’t know a designer you can grab one cheaply enough on freelancing sites.

  • Somewhere to Capture their Contact Details

How else can you capture their details? As a general rule, the less someone has to type the BETTER the response rate. I just capture email addresses on mine.

  • GDPR Check Box or Disclaimer

I’m no GDPR expert, so seek your own legal advice if in doubt...

My understanding is you want either a checkbox for someone to opt-in OR a statement such as “Join our mailing list and get <lead magnet name delivered free to your inbox”


That’s your landing page sorted.


  • Connect Your Landing Page to Your Automation

It will differ depending on the technology you use…

The BEST way to figure it out is google search “how to connect software 1 to software 2”

99% of providers have a step by step guide with pictures and videos… Easy 😉

  • Deliver that Lead Magnet

Super important to start that relationship right and deliver what you promised.

We host ours on Google Drive, but you can use any hosting service (e.g. Dropbox, Amazon).

Once you have a link you can put it in your email for people to click (if you’re unsure how to do this check out your providers instructions)

When someone joins your list they need to have a ‘trigger’ to get sent an email welcoming them.

Active campaign uses triggers called ‘tags’ these tags make it that anyone who joins the list gets ‘tagged’ and once tagged an email will be sent to them welcoming them.

This is a REALLY important email that builds trust and credibility… If you want to make sales from your list in the future then you NEED to start the relationship properly.

Not sure what to say?

In tomorrow’s email I’m going to give you proven template for the first ‘welcome’ email, so you know exactly what to say to start the relationship properly for long term success and ultimately sales.

  • Test It

Make sure it works by testing it multiple times with different email addresses. Make sure the delivery works fine AND that people are getting the first email without any nasty surprises.

This is the step I so often see skipped, and you ONLY realise when you get complaints from your adverts.


Now your page is built and ready, makes sure you promote it. If you missed yesterday's post definitely go back and check it out (links in the comments), it was ALL about the 10 ways to promote your offer, both ‘free and dirty’ and ‘pay to play’.

That’s it…

Nothing more complicated.

Here’s some advanced ‘tips’ that are worth bearing in mind.

  • The Thank You page (i.e. the page someone goes to after they join your list) is the MOST important bit of digital real estate.

    Use it wisely, give them a great offer, ask them to join your group or other channels, provide something of value over and above what they were expecting.
  • Add testimonials to the page for social proof, make sure people understand very quickly that you have epic credentials.
  • Don’t get too hung up on the tech, each system is slightly different, but they all have their quirks. I’ve seen people not take action for 6+ months because they were trying to find the ‘perfect’ solution.
  • Stay clear of ebooks as lead magnets (years ago they used to be the ‘thing’ to do… Now they’re just too big an investment for your new subscriber AND take ages to write!
  • A limited time offer that demonstrates massive value is a good way to quickly turn traffic into customers. But be careful… Asking too much too soon can create a poor experience.
  • Retargeting with ads is one of the BEST ways to continue building that relationship. Whoever’s downloaded your lead magnet could continue to get retargeted with great ads building better long-term relationships and keeping you ‘front of mind’.
  • The biggest factor behind the success of the lead magnet is the lead magnet. Making something attractive that people ‘actually want’ vs something you ‘think they want’ has made advertising costs over 5 times cheaper.
  • Don’t spend weeks on it. Get something out quickly AND test it. The more you test the better your results.
  • If you ask your digital friends whether they want your lead magnet they will always say YES… Look for the responses from 1) Your ideal customers and 2) People you rarely hear from before deciding if it’s a ‘goer’.

So there you have it…

You can easily start building a list today.

You don’t even need to be ‘super technical’

In fact, being tech savvy will only get you 50% there.

To be really successful you need to be CUSTOMER SAVVY…

Which means…

Understand what your customer wants, needs and desires.

Then your lead generation will speak directly to them.

If you want to download my personal template for creating lead magnets that magnetically attract your audience and build your list nearly entirely on autopilot then click here to get your copy.

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