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I was sat there enjoying the ambience of the sun shining through our garden office when I get an email completely out of the blue…

“Ok so I’m getting downloads… What should I say to them?”

Turns out they’d added 548 people to their email list…

Never sent them an email.

“So you’re spending money building your list but not doing anything with that list?”

Sounds crazy right?! 

It’s scary how many people struggle to use email marketing once they’ve built the list… They just don’t know what to say, so never say anything at all.

If this is you, then you’re not alone!

The MOST important email is the first email that new subscriber sees.

Here’s why...

When someone first joins, they’re feeling you out, trying to decide if it’s a good fit for them.

Should they cut and run (AKA unsubscribe) or stick around and get to know you?

Think of it like dating…

The first time you meet someone you weigh them up, trying to figure out if they’re your kinda person AND whether you trust them.

Most First Emails Turn New Subscribers OFF

I’m not joking around either…

Welcoming someone to your list is vital, ideally done over 3-5 emails.

But here’s a simple template that you can implement today that will not only get you started off on the right foot, but actually repel the people you don’t want hanging around on your list…

Subject: Here’s Your (INSERT LEAD MAGNET NAME) & Welcome To The Club/List/Group

Hi <first name>

Thank you for choosing to download INSERT LEAD MAGNET NAME.

You can download it here <insert link>

Inside you will find ABC Benefit.

Meaning you can achieve XYZ results.

But here’s the thing, if you’re truly interested in improving your PRODUCT / AREA/ EXPERTISE then stick around.

You will enjoy content lead emails X(number) of times a week specifically designed to improve dramatically improve your results.

Just so you know ‘content lead’ does NOT mean it’s loads of sales emails dressed up as content. - I hate those.

Sure I might send you the odd offer, but ONLY if I think it’s something you’ll absolutely LOVE (and not very often).

Instead, you’ll enjoy that will help you achieve XZY result.

I have helped XXX | achieved BLAH <Add your credibility so they know you’re worth paying attention to>

Please feel free to hang around, apply what you learn and see the results.

All I ask is if you’re happy with the results, then please hit reply and share your successes.

Speak soon.


P.S. Look out for tomorrow’s <CHANGE TO DATE> which will <INSERT INTERESTING & EXCITING SUBJECT>

There you have it, a simple but effective way to welcome someone to your list for the first time.

In reality templates are super useful, but it may be your business doesn't fit the template


You might want to write something personal (which I recommend by the way).

Remember these Important Psychological Trigger Points

  • Deliver the lead magnet you promised (builds trust)
  • Demonstrate credibility (solid reason to follow you and read your stuff)
  • Tell them what to expect (build trusts when you deliver on it)
  • Identify a segment your against (attracts your perfect audience and repels others)
  • Give them a teaser about what’s coming next (means they’re more likely to open your next email)

Giving your new subscriber that warm fuzzy ‘at home’ feeling that builds trust.

Go swipe and enjoy.

About the Author Martin Jolley-Jarvis

Facebook Ads and general all round marketing super geek. Loves facts, figures and metrics... If it's important then track it in a spreadsheet. Also drinks tea by the gallon, especially green tea... It's amazing he isn't the colour of the incredible hulk...