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How ‘She’ Sold Out In 48 Hours Without Running A Single Facebook Ad...

How ‘She’ Sold Out in 48 Hours Without Running a Single Facebook Ad…

Recently Sarah launched her Six Weeks To Success Training program

I was so proud… But also kinda annoyed…


It sold out within 48 hours… Without running a single Facebook Ad

And I’m the Facebook Ads guy!

I don’t tell you this to brag.

Quite the opposite...

See we wanted to see how many spots we could sell without running direct ads.

Soooo we relied 100% on our email list & social media.

Which was to be frank terrified me.

But I needn’t have worried…

You see we’d already invested heavily in ads MONTHS before the launch.
Running simple lead generation campaigns with a generous and useful lead magnet to build our email list.

Without expecting anything in return.

Then by investing time and energy in emailing we built a trusting relationship.

So by the time we launched there was no need to run ads.

Building a loyal and active email list is still the number 1 most powerful way to generate sales.

Email is NOT dead... Contrary to what 90% of ‘flat broke’ marketers want you to believe

There’s a little more ‘plot’...

The reason most people fail at Facebook Ads, is they ONLY run ads when they want someone to take a specific action.

Namely sell a product or get more clients.

Would you expect to invest money in stocks and shares and get an instant return?


Stocks need to mature and build.

So does your audience.

Where you see crazy effective Facebook Ad results are where people have taken the time (and energy) to build an audience…

And the best way to do that?

Still email.

I’m going to teach you a crazy simple way to build your list.

This strategy is SO SIMPLE you’ve probably heard it before, you’re just not doing it yet.

I’m serious.

If you’re one of those people that LOVES complicated strategies that don’t actually work then best look away now.

So here it is…

  • Step 1: Create a high quality and attractive PDF that answers a problem your target market has.
  • Step 2: Create a professional looking landing page offering your lead magnet when they subscribe to your list.
  • Step 3: Make sure you get eye balls on your offer through either organically or paid traffic.
  • Step 4: Regularly email your list (minimum of once per week) with a content heavy email of high value.

See... I told you it was simple.

It’s so simple MOST people won’t do it.

Building a list is NOT an instant cash generator but, you WILL make money!

One last thing...

Remember long term investment beats short term gratification every single time.

If you don’t have a list or you’re not building one, don’t worry, over the next few days I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can use both free and paid methods to grow your list…

Even if you’re a COMPLETE technophobe who trembles at the sight of a laptop we’ve got you’ll go from beginner to advanced email marketer in no time.

About the Author Martin Jolley-Jarvis

Facebook Ads and general all round marketing super geek. Loves facts, figures and metrics... If it's important then track it in a spreadsheet. Also drinks tea by the gallon, especially green tea... It's amazing he isn't the colour of the incredible hulk...