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How to NEVER, Ever, Sell Your Product

How to NEVER, Ever, Sell Your Product

The phone went quiet as I struggled to find the words…

He was a fairly well known 6 figure business owner, let’s call him Dave (for this email).

Dave had a problem… He was selling a $10k transformational program, he just couldn’t get anyone to buy.

We’d been working with him for a while with lead generation using Facebook Ads and we’re getting some amazing results…

So good he pleaded with us to turn the ads off because he didn’t have time to call everyone.


There was a major problem… 
He couldn’t convert the leads!

So I step in...

That’s my job… I make sure our agency clients capitalise on the leads by teaching them how to sell.

When you’re selling a $10k product, you aren’t always going to get a yes every time.
Dave wasn’t just struggling, people couldn’t wait to get off the phone, a few even put the phone down on him.

So the first thing to do was listen to a few calls…

What I heard shocked me!

This kind, fun, and shy guy turned into an absolute animal…

And not in a good way.

Mechanically and aggressively pursuing the sale at all cost.

Saying things that just didn’t sound like him.

He pushed people into a corner and using all the spammy word tactics that leave potential clients with a nasty taste in their mouth!

Including asking one poor guy…

“Who wears the trousers?” 
Just because he wanted to speak to his wife first

After the call…

Dave honestly had no idea what had happened.

“I don’t get it?!” he said

When I questioned around the calls he got super defensive, blaming everything but the call …

It couldn’t be the calls fault because he was using a script from a well known guru, specifically for selling 5 figure programs…

What he didn’t realise was that script turned him into a high pressure, aggressive idiot.

His potential customers were coming into the call expecting the nice gentle guy they saw online….

Instead got a relentless animal, who did not accept no.

Little wonder they were running for the hills.

The style didn’t work for him…

He overcooked the aggressiveness, alienated his potential customers and made them want to exit the call as soon as possible.

That’s the thing when you follow someone else's script…

The chances are your style is completely different.

When you sell in a style that’s not you -
You come across as insincere and sleazy!

Watch out...

Scripts, templates, can only get you so far often doing more harm than good.

There’s a simple solution!

Sell in a style that turns your personality into your strongest asset - even if you’re totally introverted.

When I work with you, you’ll learn how to sell in a way that compliments your personality.

If you’re out-going and gregarious then we’ll work on you harnesses that power to push in a fun manner.

If you’re shy and withdrawn then we’ll work on your listening, reasoning and empathy.

Meaning you’ll make more sales without ever coming across as sleazy.

I’m NOT saying don’t ever use templates or scripts.

They’re super useful for confidence, reminders and prompts.

But make sure they fit with your personality and style.

The best prompts are the ones you build yourself, because they’re personalised to you.

So they sound authentic and you NEVER come across as sleazy.

Allowing you to confidently sell to any potential customer.

My advice…

Throw away those scripts especially if they don’t sound like you

One last thing…

Introverts struggle with sales more than any other personality types.

I love working with introverts…

I’ll let you into a little secret -
Introverts often make the BEST sales people


Because introverts tend to listen more and talk less…

Meaning you’ll understand the customers needs and desires more clearly and can emphasise specifically how your product helps them.

Without ever coming across as sleazy.

Pretty cool eh?!

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