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Always be Listening

Old school business consultants and sales coaches love to tell you to 'always be selling' -don't do it!Taken in the most literal sense, which is understandably how most people interpret this advice, you

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Who’s Your Customer?

I was working with a client earlier this week, a super creative lady she had created a really impressive 'thing' and was now struggling to 'find 'people who wanted to buy it.Jenny had poured months of

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Identify Your Ideal Customer & Best Serve Them

Knowing who your ideal customer is and how you can position your skills or product to meet their needs is what I call a ‘fundamental of sales’ before you start trying to sell your product you need

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Business is Like Dating

Business is like dating...For those of you who are married...if you had proposed to your other half on your first date would they have said yes? So what was the difference between first date and when

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P.T. Barnum’s Persuasion Secrets – Turn Even Your Greatest Critic into a Buyer

Even in the 1870’s one man is remembered for his influence on show business…The real secret is how Barnum expertly utilises sales techniques well ahead of his time to become a millionaire.These exact

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