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How to Hack your Facebook Videos for Massive Engagement & High Relevance Score

Hey, guys. Here's three simple steps to hacking your videos to make sure you get massive engagement and a high ad relevancy score. Step one, make sure you add your video to your page first, share it amongst all of your audiences, your groups, your friends, make sure that all of these people see your video. Leave it half an hour before you do any advertising, any boosted posts because that will increase the organic engagement.

Step two is boost that video post for 24 hours to all of your warm audience. These are people who know, like and trust you. So they're way more likely to be engaged in your content, in your video. That way it's going to increase your score because the first 500 people give you your and relevancy score.

Third, then send it out to your cold audiences. When you've got the engagement, when you've got people interested, when you've got a high score on Facebook, it will make your videos much cheaper and way more effective.

You've been watching Martin Jolley-Jarvis. I am the marketing geek and that's how to boost your videos for incredible engagement.

About the Author Martin Jolley-Jarvis

Facebook Ads and general all round marketing super geek. Loves facts, figures and metrics... If it's important then track it in a spreadsheet. Also drinks tea by the gallon, especially green tea... It's amazing he isn't the colour of the incredible hulk...