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What are Facebook Custom Audiences & How to Use Them

What are Facebook Custom Audiences & How to Use Them

So just what are custom audiences? 

It may seem a little scary, but it’s not… Simply custom audiences are audiences of users created for Facebook Ads that are specific to your business.

The most common of these include:

  • Custom Audience created from your business email List
  • Custom Audiences of website visitors (tracked through the Facebook Pixel)
  • Custom Audiences of users who engage with your page or watch your videos
  • Custom Audiences of users people taking certain actions within your app.

They can range in size, the smallest being 20 users to as large as you can make. 

How do you create a Facebook Custom Audience

Creating a custom audience is easy…

Follow the steps below:

1-  Click the ‘hamburger menu’  then click audiences

2- Hit the button saying ‘Create Audience’ Followed by Custom Audience...

3 - You’ll then be presented with a number of options, choose your options based on the audiences you’re looking to create.

Customer File

If you’re uploading a list of names and email addresses. The more data you have the better the match, so if you can fill in phone number, address etc you’re custom audience will be more accurate with more people.

Website Traffic

Create a list of people who visit your website or even specify certain pages. This is especially powerful when creating a list of people that have visited a thank you page (once they have bought a product).

App Activity 

Create audiences of people who take certain actions within your apps

Offline Activity 

Very useful if you have a brick and mortar store because you can create lists audiences of people who have bought or done certain actions off of facebook.


Use this option if you want to create a list of people who have taken a certain action whilst on Facebook. For example, watched 25% of your video or liked your page.

Best use of Facebook Custom Audiences

The best use of custom audience is retargeting… For example, if someone watches your video or visits a page with content on you can target them with specific offers relating to that page or video.

Custom audiences is a VERY powerful tool to use when running successful Facebook Ads and it’s worth building them up as much as possible.

About the Author Martin Jolley-Jarvis

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