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How Wearing a Thong can Dramatically Improve your Sales Confidence

How Wearing a Thong can Dramatically Improve your Sales Confidence

Sounds strange I know…

Hear me out here.

So many people I speak to HATE doing sales…

If the thought of it makes you shrivel inside and avoid sales at all costs then read this email.

Whether it’s fear of rejection or a yukkiness towards sales, there’s something that makes you avoid it.

Your body goes into fight or flight making you think less clearly.

Your mind gives you a million excuses as to why you shouldn’t call.

Before you realise you’ve wasted an hour fretting about making that call.

And either call and mumble your way through or find a reason not to call.

You are not alone…

Unfortunately sales is one of those things that many people feel funny about.

That’s why...

Doing sales is like
wearing a thong!

Remember when you first put on a thong how crazy uncomfortable it felt?

But you persevered…

The pressure to look good means you accepted the discomfort.

After a few wears it gets easier, the discomfort is less noticeable...

BUT it’s still uncomfortable

Then one day a few months later…

You suddenly realise you’d forgotten it was even there.

Wearing that uncomfortable thong had become second nature until it was no longer uncomfortable.

Just like wearing a thong, sales gets easier until
it feels comfortable NOT awkward


The more you ‘wear’ it the quicker it becomes comfortable.

That’s why when we work together the major focus is practice, practice, practice.

Fear not - you will be well prepared.

We do work on what to say, in a style that feels most comfortable for you.

Then role play calls so you can practice in a ‘safe’ environment.

Until you feel confident in your message and style.

Then it’s time to start practicing for real in a live environment.

I’m there every step of the way and afterwards we can evaluate any issues that came up.

Do you remember having stabilisers on your bike to keep you from falling off?

Working with me is like having stabilisers for your sales calls

Before you know…

You will be riding that bike without stabilisers or supervision.

No longer feeling funny about sales, looking forward to making that call, easily converting sales leads into customers, enjoying more money in the bank to spend on those extras.

You’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!

In a few days you’re going to have an exciting opportunity to work with me on your sales for a fraction of my normal price.

In the meantime if you want to beat the queue then get in touch.

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