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Business is Like Dating

Business is like dating...For those of you who are married...if you had proposed to your other half on your first date would they have said yes? So what was the difference between first date and when

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What are Facebook Custom Audiences & How to Use Them

So just what are custom audiences? It may seem a little scary, but it’s not… Simply custom audiences are audiences of users created for Facebook Ads that are specific to your business.The most

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Facebook Ads and GDPR

So where do you stand with Facebook Ads and GDPR… If it wasn’t bad enough that people are confused about the Re-opt-in vs opt-out stuff going on (see this pretty decent blog post)GDPR is shaking up

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Why You MUST Use The Facebook Pixel

Hey guys, here's three awesome reasons that you must use your Facebook pixel when advertising with Facebook. Now, what is the Facebook pixel? It's a little bit of code that you put into your website,

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How To Hack Your Facebook Videos For Massive Engagement & High Relevance Score

Hey, guys. Here's three simple steps to hacking your videos to make sure you get massive engagement and a high ad relevancy score. Step one, make sure you add your video to your page first, share it

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